**Schedule is subject to change**

Pre-Conference, General, Lightning, and Workshop Sessions

Session Type Name Track Speakers
General: 60 minRepresentation and the Reading List: Designing a Workshop on Diversifying SyllabiStrategic Planning and Policymaking
General: 60 minPreservation on Our Terms: The Journey of Protecting Archival Records in BarbadosArchives
General: 60 minBlind scholars in research and academic libraries: leading, learning and allyship as powerful forms of resistance and change to advance access and inclusionAccessibility
General: 60 minResisting English Language Hegemony at PWI’s: Creating a sustainable workflow to support multilingual learners of color (😷)Antioppression
General: 60 minPaying Attention to White Culture and Privilege: Creating a Racial Equity Culture in LibrariesLeadership
Workshop: 135 minHow to blow up a (misinformation) pipeline: the role of misinformation in the development of transphobic legislationAntioppression
Workshop: 135 min“Lookin’ for A New Foundation”: Engaging Resistance and Restoration through CRT and Culturally Sustaining PedagogiesSustainable Practices
General: 60 minLeading the Charge: A Multi-Institutional Planning and Assessment Project of Eight DEIA Initiatives for POC Recruitment and Retention in LibrariesStrategic Planning and Policymaking
General: 60 minPressure Drop: Managing DEI efforts within special collectionsCollections
General: 60 minAcademic Libraries as (In)Equitable Workplaces: Voices of Disabled and Neurodiverse LibrariansAccessibility
General: 60 minEthical AI Adoption for Research Libraries: In Pursuit of Equity Amid the ChaosLeadership
General: 60 minEmbracing Mistrust: Relationship Rebuilding in the ArchivesArchives
PlenaryOpening KeynotePlenary
Lightning: 20 minLightning: "Exploring the Multi-dimensional Relationship Between Equality and Equity" and "Launching Inclusive Searches: Establishing and Training Search Committees in Academic Libraries"Leadership
General: 60 minChildren of Refugees: oral histories of the Vietnamese American communityArchives
General: 60 minA facilitated conversation on multi-racial identity in librariesAntioppression
Workshop: 135 minCommunity Resistance: a Workshop and Reflection on Racial Inequities in LibrariesCommunity
Workshop: 135 minWalking the Walk: Assessing OER for Social JusticeCollections
Workshop: 135 minWeaving “gentle” textile craft with “hard” data: Introducing data fundamentals through creative workshopsData Management
Workshop: 135 minMore than words: Taking action beyond a land acknowledgmentStrategic Planning and Policymaking
General: 60 minWe Got the Receipts: Navigating Reimbursement Culture in Academic LibrarianshipLeadership
General: 60 minAbundance as Resistance: Reframing narratives of scarcity and deficit in academic librariesLeadership
Lightning: 20 minLightning: "Two Black and Queer Archivists Practicing Mentorship" and "Mentoring of BIPOC Librarians in Academic Libraries: Why it’s Important for Retention and How to Get Started"Centering Marginalized Experiences
Lightning: 20 minLightning: "Enhancing Accessibility: Sustainable Management of CEAL Statistics Database" and "Decolonizing librarians’ teaching practice: In search of a process and a pathway"Data Management
Lightning: 20 minLightning: "Reshaping an Academic Library DEI page: From Policy to Patron" and "Let’s Discuss That! Sustainable Resistance and Knowledge-Sharing for Library Staff"Strategic Planning and Policymaking
General: 60 minExploring Workplace Inclusivity Through The Lenses of Climate, Employee Engagement, and BelongingSustainable Practices
General: 60 minUnlocking Your Vision: Leveraging Portfolio Management for DEIACollections
General: 60 min(Be)longing in the Stacks: Investigating the experiences of racialized students in library hiringCentering Marginalized Experiences
General: 60 minA Framework for BIPOC Leadership Development in Academic LibrariesCentering Marginalized Experiences
General: 60 minChallenging “Racial Monolith Myths” in the Library Profession Through Critical Race Theory: A Panel DiscussionAntioppression
Session Type Name Track Speakers
PlenaryPlenary PanelPlenary
General: 60 minDiversifying collections with authentic and inclusive collection development strategiesCollections
General: 60 minCollecting with intention: drafting archival acquisition policies for the 21st centuryArchives
General: 60 minFostering Trust and Strengthening Community between Library Employees with Restorative Justice Circles.Community
General: 60 minThe Master’s Tools: Large Language Models and the Automation of Systemic OppressionData Management
General: 60 minBIPOC Leaders Reimagining Change to Advance Diversity, Equity, and Student SuccessCentering Marginalized Experiences
General: 60 minPolicy Perspectives: Applying a critical lens from Postsecondary Accessibility Guidelines in Ontario to develop broader action plans for libraries anywhere.Accessibility
General: 60 minPink Library Tours: Pride in OctoberCommunity
General: 60 minWeaving Diverse Voices and Perspectives: Crafting Inclusive Pedagogies and Cultural Responsiveness into Library InstructionStrategic Planning and Policymaking
General: 60 minCollective Intelligence: Cultural Heritage Crowdsourcing and Increasing AccessibilityAccessibility
General: 60 minDigitization, Reparative Description and Enhanced Access to Indigenous Records: We Are Here: Sharing Stories ProjectCollections
General: 60 minChallenging Eurocentrism: Applying critical theory and anti-oppression frameworks to EDI work in librariesAntioppression
General: 60 minCommunity-Centered Archives Practice: Perspectives on Transforming Education, Archives, and Community HistoryArchives
General: 60 minUniversal Design for Learning, Accessible Research and Assignment DesignAccessibility
General: 60 minPromoting Reflection on Authority Records Relating to Indigenous PeoplesData Management
General: 60 minSustainable Practices for the Retention of BIPOC LibrariansSustainable Practices
Lightning: 20 minLightning: "DoLled up and Ready to Learn: NYU Libraries’ IDBEA Days of Learning" and "Nurturing our future: How an academic library developed a community of leaders through its Finders’ Keepers program"Community
General: 60 minCollaboration and Classification of Indigenous Legal Materials in Academic Law LibrariesAntioppression
General: 60 minThe Pitfalls of Homogeneous Peer Review: Experiences of Scholars from Marginalized IdentitiesCentering Marginalized Experiences
Workshop: 135 minEquity in Theory and Practice: Organizational Justice for ManagersLeadership
Workshop: 135 min“Let Us Help Advance the Field”: Shifting to a Culture of Neuroinclusion in Library WorkplacesAccessibility
Workshop: 135 minPushing Back Against The Status Quo: Identifying and Dismantling Bias through Library Policy ReviewStrategic Planning and Policymaking
Lightning: 20 minLightning: "Virtual Chat & Chew: Radical Self-Care for Black Information Professionals" and "Race, Repose, and Resistance: Utilizing Black Studies and Trauma-Informed Librarianship to Cultivate a More Sustainable Library Practice"Centering Marginalized Experiences
Lightning: 20 minLightning: "Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity in Collection Development Practices in STEMM" & "Classroom of Resistance: Challenging Systems of Oppression in Information Literacy & Implementing Anti-Racist Content"Collections
General: 60 min“A Shared Grammar of Justice: Are Institutional and Community Partners Speaking the Same Language?”Community
General: 60 minSupporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals on Education - What’s in it for libraries?Sustainable Practices
General: 60 minBooks Unbound: Advancing Community Literacy through the 'Library in a Box' InitiativeCommunity
General: 60 minWhose Authority? Sustainable Organizational Change and Inclusive Descriptive PracticesData Management
General: 60 minAccessibility by Design: Strategic Web Development for AllAccessibility
Lightning: 20 minLightning: "A Canadian Mentorship Program to Sustain Racialized Librarians" and "The Importance of EDIA in Canadian Academic Libraries"Sustainable Practices
Lightning: 20 minLightning: "Development of Transgender/Gender Expansive Health Outcome Search Tool - How Librarians Can Empower Library Users in Pursuit of IDEA Goals" and "Weaponizing Eugenics: How Libraries Can Support Reproductive Justice"Data Management
General: 60 minCreating an Inclusive Library Strategic Plan that SticksStrategic Planning and Policymaking
General: 60 minAgency-Building for Middle ManagersLeadership
PlenaryClosing KeynotePlenary


Posters will be on display Tuesday, July 16–Wednesday, July 17th. The poster session will be held on July 17.

Session Type Name Speakers
PosterAccidental Orientalism: Romanization, Discovery and the Digital Collection at HathiTrust
PosterAn assessment of sustainable recruitment practices at Canadian research libraries
PosterArchitectural design for sensory impact: a six months post-renovation retrospective
PosterComplicating the Politics of Belonging, Resisting, and Thriving: Locating Latinx Joy & Justice in the Academic Library
PosterData for all: Creating a sustainable community partnership to increase health and racial equity
PosterEvaluating Automatic Captioning Systems for Improving the Accessibility of Library Video Content
PosterImproving the Academic Librarian Job Interview Process: A Guide for IDEA Principles and Practices
PosterInclusive Perspectives: Building Community and Awareness Through Open Panels
PosterIndigenous Initiatives at the University of Manitoba’s Jim Peebles Science & Technology Library
PosterKeeping Queer History Alive: Library Support for Sustainable Digital Research Projects
PosterLet’s Talk About Sex and Gender: Women and Gender Studies Research and Collections Over Time
PosterMetadata for Everyone: Identifying cultural issues in publication metadata
PosterMind, Body, and Books: The Wellness Desk as a hub for student wellbeing initiatives
PosterModalities of Wellness in Academic Libraries: Looking Back and Ahead (poster)
PosterNot A Special Interest: Normalizing DEIA/J Work in a Large Public University Library
PosterPaving the Way to OA for Higher Pay: Transformative Agreements, Increasing Inequities and Consortial Responses
PosterPedagogical Practices for Sustainable DEIA and Anti-Racist Programs
PosterPromoting and Celebrating a Diverse and inclusive Academic Community through Read Alouds
PosterQueer & Racialized Conversations in Library and Archival Practice
PosterRomanization Practice in North American Libraries: Critical Reflections on the History and Future of Romanization in the case of the Chinese Language
PosterSin Miedo: Revolution, Resistance, and Women from the Benson Latin American Collection
PosterThe Power of "Culturally Conscious" Representation
PosterUnmasking Truth: Cultivating Critical Race Digital Literacy and Reflective Teaching in Mis/Disinformation Education
PosterUnveiling Pathways to Inclusive Excellence: Insights from DEI Assessment in the GLAM Sector
PosterWeb Accessibility baby steps: anyone can conduct audits even with limited resources
PosterWhere's Our Space? BIPOC in LIS and social media
PosterWho is this LibGuide for? How an inclusive approach to audience shaped the reimagining of the canon

**Schedule is subject to change**